Online Casino Site – InterCasino – Makes Yet Another Millionaire

Online Casino Site – InterCasino – Makes Yet Another Millionaire

Inter Casino Winners

In early September 2015, one of the leading online casino sites, InterCasino, which has been established since 1996, changed one players life for good. The player, only known by her avatar name, ‘Amber’, decided to try her luck on the site’s non-progressive jackpot slots game called ‘Native Treasure’. Amber’s game resulted in her winning the colossal sum of US$1.3 million!

The fact that ‘Native Treasure’ is a non-progressive slots game makes the scale of her win even more incredible. InterCasino released a press release statement saying “this could very well be one of the biggest non progressive wins ever paid out by an online casino.”

Shortly into Amber’s visit to the slot game, she managed to hit the 100 free spins bonus, and then again, and again – totalling 1,600 free spins and nearly 4 hours of free play on the ‘Native Treasure’ slots game.

Native Treasure slots game

In a stunned state, Amber called InterCasino’s customer support team who confirmed that she had in fact won over US$1.3 million. When interviewed after her win, Amber said:

I could not believe my eyes. I kept saying ‘this can’t be true’ but it was and I won an amount of money I could not have imagined.

Amber has already given away some of her money to family, and re-carpeted her home, but she is also hoping to take her husband and young child away on a luxury holiday sometime soon.