British Soldier Wins £13.2 Million After Betting 25p Online

British Soldier Wins £13.2 Million After Betting 25p Online

Betway Winner

Jon Heywood, a 26 year old British Soldier from Cheshire has defied the odds and won over £13 million on an online slot machine game in October, 2015.

After placing a stake of just 25p in ‘Mega Moolah’, one of Betway’s casino slot games, Jon’s lucky spin claimed him the jackpot figure of £13,213,838.68. ‘Mega Moolah’, like many others, is a progressive jackpot slot, so the jackpot total continues to rise every day until one lucky winner scoops the prize.

Mega Moolah


Jon Heywood, who has toured Afghanistan with the British Military, was having a tough year in 2015 as his grandfather passed away. Jon now vows that he will use his £13 million winnings to buy the best possible healthcare for his father, who is currently waiting for a heart and lung transplant.

Family comes first and I’d give all this money back for him to be healthy again.

Aside from his father’s medical care, Jon is using his winnings to treat his family to a luxury cruise around the Mediterranean. Although he is determined “not to get carried away”, Jon has said that he will treat himself to a yellow Bentley Continental GT.

I never even dreamed of driving a Bentley, let alone owning one. I’ve got a Fiat Punto at the moment.

Bentley Continental GT

After winning the jackpot on the 6th of October, Jon returned to work the next day and kept quiet about his win for three whole days! The life-changing prize is also said to be a new world record for the largest jackpot pay-out from an online slot machine game. Betway spokesman, Alan Alger commented:

We couldn’t be happier for Jon – he’s an incredibly nice guy and his family will benefit immensely from his huge win.

Online casino games such as Betway’s ‘Mega Moolah’ have many other prizes up for grabs alongside their mega jackpots, so if you fancy trying your 25p luck on an online casino game just like Jon, why not try one out today.