Player’s Guide to the El Gordo Lottery

Player’s Guide to the El Gordo Lottery


The minimum El Gordo Lottery jackpot is €6.5 million, but it can quickly rise to much higher amounts such as €35 million euros. Originally El Gordo Lottery was only available to a limited number of people living in Spain but with the advent of online ticket buying the lottery is now available to a worldwide audience.

Play the Spanish El Gordo Lottery
Play the Spanish El Gordo Lottery
El Gordo Winners
El Gordo Winners


Draws take place once a week on a Sunday at 1pm GMT+1.



The highest jackpot win to date was for a whopping €27 million and according to the El Gordo statistics, the most drawn number is 29, there are also nine other secondary prizes up for grabs!

Ticket Buying…

Buying tickets online makes global lotteries such as the Spanish El Gordo Lottery both accessible and easy to play. Ticket agents buy lottery tickets on the player’s behalf and winnings are paid out quickly and efficiently.

How it works…

Players pick five main numbers from 1 to 54 and one bonus ball number from 0 to 9.

PRIZE LEVEL MATCH – MAIN Number + Bonus Number
Prize Level 1 – JACKPOT 5 + 1
Prize Level 2 5
Prize Level 3 4 + 1
Prize Level 4 4
Prize Level 5 3 + 1
Prize Level 6 3
Prize Level 7 2 + 1
Prize Level 8 2
Prize Level 9 0 + 1