Player’s Guide to the EuroMillions Lottery

Player’s Guide to the EuroMillions Lottery


Lottery Info…

The EuroMillions Lottery has a minimum jackpot of €15 million and the draw takes place bi-weekly, every Tuesday and Friday at 8.45pm CET in Paris, France. The EuroMillions jackpots are often much higher than other European Lotteries as it is not limited to residents of one particular country.

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If the first prize isn’t won, the EuroMillions jackpot has the potential to rise to a massive €190 million which its jackpot pool cap!

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Two ‘Super Draws’ are held every year with a guaranteed €100 million jackpot!

Ticket Buying…

More and more players are opting to buy their EuroMillions tickets online making global lotteries such as EuroMillions both accessible and easy to play. Ticket agents buy lottery tickets on the player’s behalf and winnings are paid out quickly and efficiently. Players nowadays have a global reach in terms of their ability to pick lotteries in which to play.

The UK has seen 50 plus jackpot winners since the launch of the EuroMillions Lottery with the last two being in 2011 for a huge €185 million and then in 2012 for another bank busting €190 million! 

How it works…

Players pick five main numbers from 1 to 50 and two LUCKY STARS from 1 to 11.

The overall odds of winning a prize in the EuroMillions are 1 in 13!

PRIZE LEVEL MATCH – MAIN Number + Lucky Stars Number
Prize Level 1 – JACKPOT 5 + 2
Prize Level 2 5 +1
Prize Level 3 5
Prize Level 4 4 + 2
Prize Level 5 4 + 1
Prize Level 6 4
Prize Level 7 3 + 2
Prize Level 8 2 + 2
Prize Level 9 3 + 1
Prize Level 10 3
Prize Level 11 1 + 2
Prize Level 12 2 + 1
Prize Level 13 2