Player’s Guide to The Health Lottery

Player’s Guide to The Health Lottery

Health Lottery

Lottery Info…

The Health Lottery is 51 separate local society lotteries, with each one representing one or more local authority areas across the UK. The lotteries are individually licenced by the Gambling Commission, and operate in rotation to ensure that every area in England, Wales and Scotland get a fair proportion of the money that is raised.

The Health Lottery is played every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and is broadcast on Channel 5. The lottery has a jackpot of up to £100,000 every weekday draw, and a minimum jackpot of £100,000 on offer every Saturday.

20p from every £1 spent with The Health Lottery is donated to support local health related causes including Children’s Food Trust, Alzheimer’s Society and Mencap amongst others.


Buying Tickets…

Buying tickets online makes global lotteries such as The Health Lottery both accessible and easy to play. Ticket agents buy lottery tickets on the player’s behalf and winnings are paid out quickly and efficiently.

By buying tickets online with The Health Lottery, you will be able to see any available bonuses or special offers that can be used.


How it Works…

To play The Health Lottery, players must pick 5 numbers from 1-50. In May 2013, a bonus ball was added to the game, which should be chose from the remaining 45 numbers. The bonus ball increased the number of prize tiers from 3 to 6. The odds of winning something in the health lottery are 1 in 224, and the odds of winning the jackpot prize are 1 in 2,118,760.

Prize 1 Match 5
Prize 2 Match 4 + Bonus Ball
Prize 3 Match 4
Prize 4 Match 3 + Bonus Ball
Prize 5 Match 3
Prize 6 Match 2 + Bonus Ball