Player’s Guide to the Mega Sena Lottery

Player’s Guide to the Mega Sena Lottery


Lottery Info…

Mega Sena is Brazil’s leading lottery, with draws taking place twice a week, on a Wednesday and Saturday at 8pm (UTC-3). The minimum jackpot is R$2 million which means each draw is over $650,000 USD

The highest recorded jackpot winning of R$145 million was shared by two ticket holders in 2009. This jackpot was over 70 times more than the minimum jackpot!

This unique lottery is administered by the local Brazilian.

Mega Sena Lottery
Mega Sena Lottery

Each draw uses two spherical cages with numbered balls in each. One cage holds balls numbered 0 to 5 and the other holds balls numbered from 0 to 9. The numbers from the first cage constitute the first digit and the number drawn from the second cage is the second digit. These two digits are place together to form one number and that is how the lottery is drawn. Incidentally if the number 0 is drawn from the first cage and then again from the second cage, that represents the number 60 on the board!

Buying Tickets…

Mega Sena Lottery Ticket
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Mega Sena jackpot prizes are given out as lump sums. Buying tickets online makes global lotteries such as the Brazilian based Mega Sena both accessible and easy to play. Ticket agents buy lottery tickets on the player’s behalf and winnings are paid out quickly and efficiently.

How it works…

Players pick six two digit numbers from 01 to 60.

Prize Level 1 – JACKPOT 6
Prize Level 2 5
Prize Level 3 4