Lottery Syndicate Argue Over £1 Million Win!

Lottery Syndicate Argue Over £1 Million Win!


A lottery syndicate that scooped £1 million in 2013 on the EuroMillions became locked in a bitter dispute over how to share the money after three of its members are accused of not paying for the winning ticket.


The 16 strong syndicate all of which were colleagues from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) were each due to receive £62,500 each after they won on the EuroMillions draw held in March 2013.

Unfortunately instead of celebrating they were wrangling over excluding the members of the syndicate that had not paid from receiving a share of the winnings. lottery operator, Camelot, was drafted in to mediate the group and try and come to a resolution.

The main problem was that they DVLA group had no syndicate contract in place, this is recommended by the National Lottery in circumstances whereby group of people arrange their own syndicate as it can cover contribution per draw, share of winnings and what happens if someone fails to contribute.

Syndicate templates can be found online on the National Lottery website and if it had been in place in this particular syndicate group, it would have saved a lot of stress and arguments over winnings.

In this instance it is not clear how the matter was resolved as the syndicate chose to remain anonymous and therefore the National Lottery were unable to comment on the dispute.

Most online lotteries offer participation in their syndicate groups as a way of increasing the number of lines a single person can be part of, therefore increasing the probability of a win, website such as Lottoland offer this service and the guidelines are clearly laid out to ensure smooth operating.