Lottery Ticket Nightmare

Lottery Ticket Nightmare


The UK’s National Lottery organiser, Camelot, stood by its decision not to hand over a £3 million jackpot to a couple that lost their winning lottery ticket.

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Kay and Martyn Tott from Watford, missed out because they did not register a claim within the 30 day period as stipulated in the rules laid out by Camelot.

It all started in 2001 when the married couple bought the winning ticket,
but didn’t realise they had won until 6 months later when they then realised they couldn’t find the actual ticket.

The jackpot of £3,011,065 was withheld, as even though they could prove with computer records that they were telling the truth, the lottery organiser, Camelot, stood by its rules that the 180 day claim deadline had been missed and therefore no winnings would be awarded.

It prompted the Martyn to launch several legal battles and his fixation with the argument ultimately cost him his marriage and nearly his sanity. More than ten years on he has once again found happiness and is philosophical about his experience, reportedly saying, “…there is no guarantee it would have brought me happiness. A win like that is a huge responsibility, and there is no instruction manual to tell you how to deal with it.”

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