Lottery Winner Finds New Love

Lottery Winner Finds New Love


Gillian Bayford won the EuroMillions in 2012 with her then husband Adrian, the happy couple collected a massive £148 Million fortune, an amount that truly changed the course of their lives forever.

Gillian & Adrian
Gillian & Adrian Bayford

The couple who had married back in 2004 and had two children together after their huge lottery win. They bought an eight bedroom, £6 million mansion on a private estate with five cottage in the grounds, luxury cars and helicopter flights.



Their lottery win had rocketed them overnight in 2012 to 516th on Britain’s rich list.

However, 15 months after their win the couple parted company blaming the stresses that their massive jackpot bought for the collapse of their relationship.

They both denied that anyone else was involved in the breakdown of their marriage and Gillian brushed off rumours that she had become involved with their body building groundsman who worked for the couple.

Gillian 1
Lottery Winner Gillian in her Audi

After her lottery windfall, it is reported that Gillian visited an Audi car dealership in her native Scotland whilst visiting her parents.

There she met a car salesman Alan Warnock, where she is said to have ordered a total of five cars worth over a £250,000 all for her family.

She must have made an impression on the salesman…

Since her divorce, Gillian has found new love with the sames salesman that sold her a fleet a luxury cars back in Dundee. She is reported to have declared herself a ‘lucky girl’ after the motor dealer popped the question. He has since left his job at the car garage the pair announced their engagement on Facebook and live in a £600,000 five bedroom house near Dundee.

Hopefully second time lucky for this lucky lottery winner.