Scottish Couple Win £14 Million National Lottery Jackpot

Scottish Couple Win £14 Million National Lottery Jackpot

Scottish Couple Win

John Doherty, 52, his wife Alison, 50, and their two children were all packed and ready to jet off on holiday to Florida when Alison made a life changing discovery that they were the National Lottery jackpot winners and were now over £14.6 million richer!

On July 2nd, Alison decided to check her lottery ticket numbers on her iPad just in case. After matching the first three numbers she thought to herself “Oh good, I’ve won £25!”, but as the fourth, fifth and six numbers continued to match the numbers on the screen, the adrenaline started to kick in.

“When I realised I had all six numbers, I couldn’t believe it. I was screaming, lying on the floor, shaking like a leaf – just in complete shock.”

After calling Camelot to confirm their winnings, John and Alison decided to go on their holiday to Florida as planned. To keep the £14.7 million lottery ticket safe whilst they were away, they decided to hide it in a lantern in their bedroom.


The first post-win purchase made by Alison as a multi-millionaire was on a designer handbag by Coach – worth around £300. Also, whilst on holiday, the couple spotted a Jaguar that they loved pull up to their hotel, so they decided to make that their new family car.

Their eldest child, Ryan has recently turned 20 years old, and has now asked his parents for an Audi or BMW. Alison says “I will probably get him something more sensible. I am his mum after all.”

Their daughter, Laura, aged 11 has made the rather large request that her parents now get her a goldfish.

The Dohertys decided to go public about their win as they are self-proclaimed: “rubbish at keeping secrets”.

After returning from his holiday with a bank account bulging at the seams, John Doherty has returned to work. He set up his own plumbing and heating engineering business in 1984 called JDPS Plumbers, and he has no plans of giving up any time soon.

I enjoy my work, I’ve done it for 33 years and I’ve got a lot of customers that I’m loyal to. I was out working yesterday and I’ll be out working tomorrow. It’s quite hard to give up.