Teenage Lottery Millionaire

Teenage Lottery Millionaire


It’s the stuff of dreams, you buy your very first lottery ticket and win £1 million well that’s exactly what happened to Scottish teenager, Jane Park.

In the summer of 2013, the then 17 year old, Jane had split up with her boyfriend and was living with her mother in a two bedroom house in Edinburgh. She wasn’t even sure if she was old enough to do the lottery but anyway decided to buy a Lucky Dip ticket for the National Lottery.

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She is amongst one of the youngest ever lottery winners and whilst it certainly is a fantastic gift, arguably it can also be a curse at such a young age.

Even her mother Linda is reported as saying, “… when she won the lottery she was sitting here crying. It was too much stress for her.”

Jane, like others at such a young age was unprepared for the responsibility of having that kind of money, her lottery win gave her the worry of how much to give to family and friends and then how to spend the rest.

Jane Park winner
Jane Park Teenage Lottery Winner


The first things she bought were a Louis Vuitton handbag and a Chihuahua dog she named Princess. She eventually moved into her own home and lasted just three weeks there before she moved back in with her mum, perhaps it was a classic case of too much too young.

After more than a year since her lottery win, Jane has rather mature and reflective words of advice, she says,

Money can’t buy you love, can’t buy you friends, can’t buy you a family…but it does bring a certain degree of happiness. I can do things I have never done before…