The Couple Who Gave Away Their Lottery Fortune

The Couple Who Gave Away Their Lottery Fortune


In July 2010, an elderly couple from Nova Scotia won just over $11 Million on the Canadian LotteryLotto 6/49. Allen and Violet Large were both in their seventies and decided to give away all of their lottery winnings to family members, local churches, hospitals and community groups in their local area.

Allen & Violet Large1
Allen & Violet Large

They both enjoyed playing Lotto 6/49 but never expected to win a big jackpot, Violet who was 78 when they won told reporters the reason they were giving their new lottery fortune away was because…

“We were pretty well set, not millionaires, but comfortable…that money that we won was nothing…we have each other.”

The down-to-earth pair felt they had no need personally for the lottery winnings and that in fact at the time Violet was undergoing treatment for cancer and was worried the might be taken advantage of by ‘crooked people.’

In fact the hospitals where Violet underwent her medical treatment were amongst the beneficiaries of the couple’s generosity alongside institutes fighting diabetes and Alzheimer’s.

Violet is reported to have said,

“…it made us feel good…and there’s so much good being done with that money…We’re the lucky ones.”

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