The Curse of Winning the Lottery

The Curse of Winning the Lottery


Lucien Nault from Montreal was the lucky winner Canadian Lottery 6/49 in 2009 winning a cool $16.9 million. He vowed at the time of becoming an overnight millionaire to spoil his family with the cash. However, after winning, his family have been rocked by lawsuits and even death.

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The retired taxi driver gave his son, Daniel, a large amount of his lottery winnings, but Daniel became annoyed after learning that his father had also give away $5 million to neighbours, this resulted in the son suing four neighbours and a relative of his father’s ex-wife.

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Tragedy for Lucien Nault

The Lotto 6/49 winner had already suffered the break-up of his marriage just months after his big win. Then tragically his daughter in law Therese drowned in her newly built swimming pool in Lavaltrie, East of Montreal. Ironically the pool had been funded by the millionaire father in law.

More tragedy was to follow when Lucien’s son, Daniel was also killed only week after the death of Therese as he was run by a car whilst trying to catch his dog that had bolted from his yard!

It seems that from the moment of his jackpot win, Lucien experienced a tragic series of events and upset, in his 80’s Lucien went onto live in a Nursing home.

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