The Winner who Nearly Missed out on $23 Million

The Winner who Nearly Missed out on $23 Million


In 2011, a 69 year old lady called Julie Cervera from San Bernardino sent her adult daughter Charliena to purchase a SuperLotto Plus California Lottery ticket from a Palmdale liquor store. Once purchased, it was placed in the glove box of the mother’s car and basically forgotten!


In the meantime the draw had taken place and the winner of the $23 million dollar jackpot had not stepped forward to claim their prize. California Lottery rules state that winners have only 180 days to come forward with their winning ticket.

Six months later, the $23 million jackpot ticket was about to expire and in an effort to find the winner a CCTV photo of the ticket’s purchase was released to the media in a bid to trace the buyer. It was only when Julie Cervera recognised her daughter in the image that she remembered the long lost ticket was still in her car!

CA SuperLotto

After coming forward to claim her prize money it transpired that the winner was in dire financial circumstances as she had only a dollar in her purse and an electric bill she couldn’t afford to pay. The timing couldn’t have been better even though she very nearly missed out on her $23 million fortune altogether!

The California SuperLotto Plus is drawn every Wednesday and Saturday and players pick five lucky numbers from 1 to 47 and one MEGA number from 1 to 27. Check out our Player’s Guide to the SuperLotto Plus for more draw information!


UK players can play the California SuperLotto Plus Lottery by simply purchasing a ticket online. This is a smart way of playing global lotteries without the worry of losing your ticket like Jane Carvera!