Benefits of the VIP Programme at Lotto365

Benefits of the VIP Programme at Lotto365

Lottery VIP Programme

Previously, if you wanted to play the lottery, you had to go out and buy a ticket from a shop, for your national lottery. But with the advancement of technology, the reins have been lifted, and players have been presented with a whole range of global lotteries which are all available at the click of a button from online global lottery sites such as Lotto365 and LottoBooker. 

These online global lottery sites offer more than just convenience to play, and access to global lotteries from your home. They also provide a great deal of other benefits such as special offers and VIP programmes.

Lotto365’s VIP plan grants you access to ‘premium discounts and offers reserved for only their best players’. Their programme is measured on what they term ‘Frequent Player Points’ (FPPs), so the more FPPs you earn, the better discounts you get in return.

Here’s a quick guide to help you out:

Lottery VIP Programme





If you’ve used Lotto365 before, and want to check how many FPPs you’ve earnt, or what level of VIP status you’ve earned, you can check by logging in to the site. Your Lotto365 VIP level is displayed below your account name, and your FFPs are below your Purchase Points. If you struggle to find anything you need, you can always ask your personal Account Manager – another benefit of Lotto365’s VIP programme.

One of the best features of Lotto365’s VIP programme is that the discounts you earn are automatically taken off when you purchase lottery tickets – meaning there is no faffing around at the checkout.