Common Lottery Strategies – Their Merits and Their Pitfalls

Common Lottery Strategies – Their Merits and Their Pitfalls

Lottery Strategies

If playing the lottery was an exact science, there wouldn’t be lotteries as we would work out how to win, and soon everyone would become millionaires! However, the lottery is a game of probability and odds, and thus, we can increase or decrease our chances of winning slightly, and hopefully get the cash rolling in the right direction.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Although it is sweet to only play with you and your loved ones’ birthday and anniversary digits, unfortunately, it is scientifically proven to reduce your chances of winning. Calendar dates are limited to 31, meaning your number choices are limited to 31 – the problem being that most lotteries feature far greater numbers. To find out what range of numbers each lottery uses, check out our Player’s Guides to different lotteries.

If you still want to link your numbers to your loved ones, but don’t want to damage your chances of winning the jackpot, try using the years instead.

Always Playing the Same Numbers

Unfortunately, according to science, always playing the same numbers on the lottery doesn’t increase your chances of winning. But similarly, it doesn’t decrease them either. One thing that this common strategy does do is reduce the faff of playing each time; you will be able to subscribe to your favourite lotteries, and automatically partake in them each time.

But science isn’t everything, and this strategy has proven to bring double the fortune to players across the world! One lucky player, Mike McDermott won the lottery in June, but continued to play with the same winning numbers. With these same numbers Mike won the lottery for a second time before the year was even up. Science says the odds of this happening were 5,400,000, 000,000 (that’s 5 billion) to one, but perhaps sometimes science loses out to luck! (His lucky numbers were 15, 16, 18, 36, 49 and bonus ball 28 – just in case you want to give them a shot too!)

Another time when this strategy defied the rules of science was for Derek Ladner in 2007. Derek always played the same numbers, but one day he couldn’t remember if he’d bought a ticket or not – so he got another just in case. Derek had in fact bought a ticket already, but as all of Derek’s numbers matched, he was entitled to not one, but two shares of the £2.5 million jackpot! (His lucky numbers were 3, 9, 10, 12, 46 and 47 – just in case you decide to play them!)

Derek Ladner 2007


Sites like Lotto Booker and Lotto365 offer advice on which numbers are the luckiest for your particular horoscope at that particular point in time. Whilst there is no official science to support the probability of this increasing your chances, there is also no harm in trying, as it won’t decrease your chances either! Why not give it a go today?

Two girls from Kent trusted their horoscope in 2013 and it certainly paid off. Their horoscope claimed that if a Pisces and a Taurus teamed up, they would win the lottery. That’s exactly what happened. The girls won a jaw dropping £1.68 million each!

Pisces and a Taurus teamed up