How to Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery

How to Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery


1 – The UK National Lottery has changed.

The UK National Lottery
The UK National Lottery

The UK National Lottery has undergone major changes in October 2015 and now players can select from 59 numbers instead of the previous 49.

Other changes include players that match two numbers on the draw will win a lucky dip ticket for a future draw and a new ‘Millionaire Raffle’ has also been launched to guarantee a £1 million prize in every draw.


2 – Reducing jackpot winning odds on the UK National Lottery.

The organisers, Camelot, insist that the changes to the UK National Lottery could create an extra 1.8 million winners per week and also increase the chance of winning any prize from one in 54 to one in 9.3.

However, according to critics, the extra balls actually decrease the odds of winning the jackpot from one in 14 million to one in 45 million!

In fact the first draw incorporating the extra balls was held on the 10th October and no one hit the jackpot, one player matched five numbers plus the bonus and won the relatively modest sum of £120,570.

It is claimed Camelot believe that players will ‘stay with the game’ despite the changing odds of hitting the jackpot to odds of 45 million to one.

3 – You can win £Millions playing Global Lotteries Online.

The good news is lottery players have never had so much choice with increasing access to global lotteries where playing odds can be better and jackpot prize amounts huge.

Online sites such as Lottoland allow players to review the global draws and safely buy tickets online.

4 – UK players have access to Global Lotteries Online.

UK Players can choose to play global lotteries from the USA Mega Millions & PowerBall Lotteries, Spanish El Gordo Lottery, French Lotto, Brazil’s Mega Sena through to the Swedish Lotto.

Buying tickets through online lottery services enables players to cherry pick from the most exciting lotteries around the world.

5 – Take advantage of the global jackpot opportunities

More and more UK players are opting to play global lotteries online that have huge jackpots, for example the EuroMillions Jackpot held on Friday 20th November had rolled over for the 10th time and the jackpot was set at a massive £114.8 Million! It was the largest jackpot sum seen by that the EuroMillions Lottery in a period of a year and the lucky ticket owner was from Portugal.

The first draw of December 2015 for the EuroMillions was not won on Tuesday 1st December. This means that the jackpot has climbed to a whopping £30 Million for the draw to be held this Friday the 4th December, 2015.

Tickets can be bought online and some companies are offering special offers on ticket purchases, for example buy one line and get one free or play 6 lines and only pay for 3!

Good luck!