Lottery UK vs. USA: Infographic

Lottery UK vs. USA: Infographic


‘Lottery:UK vs. USA’ Infographic by Winners Weekly

The UK has a population of around 65 million, and the age limit to play the lottery is set at 16 years old. America however has a massive population of around 324 million, but due to different states imposing different jurisdictions, the age limit to play any form of lottery is between 18 and 21 years old depending on the state.

It is claimed that 70% of eligible UK citizens take part in the lottery – this is only a slight increase to the US, where 69% of eligible citizens have bought a lottery ticket.

In both locations, the most popular age range for playing the lottery comprises of adults in their 20s and 30s. In the UK the likelihood of men and women playing the lottery are even, however in the USA, it is skewed, as men are more likely to play than women.

America is famous for its giant portions, and it is no different when it comes to playing the lottery. Of the Americans who play the lottery, 64% will only play when the jackpot is “really big”. In the UK however, 50% of lottery players play more than once per month, with an average of 3 tickets each week.

To date, the biggest lottery winners in the UK are Colin and Chris Weir who won the £161 million EuroMillions jackpot. In the USA, the biggest lottery winners to date are David Kaltschmidt and his partner Maureen Smith – winning the equivalent of £370 million on the Powerball jackpot.


UK vs USA Lottery Infographic