Lottery Winner’s Tales: Infographic

Lottery Winner’s Tales: Infographic

Lottery Winners Infographic

‘The Lottery Winners’ Infographic by Winners Weekly

Winning the lottery and becoming an overnight millionaire is captivating story in itself, but for some lucky lottery winners this was just the grand finale to their tale of triumph! Whether you call it luck, fate or just pure fluke, the stories that follow are truly some brilliant tales of lottery wins.

Derek Ladner, like many lottery players, always played the same hand of numbers. One day however, Derek couldn’t remember whether he’d bought a ticket for the lotto, so he proceeded to purchase another – just in case. It turns out that he had already bought a ticket, and that fateful day, Derek’s numbers came up. With two winning tickets, Derek was entitled to two shares of the jackpot, instantly making him over £950,000 better off!

Another winning lottery scenario which seemed to take direction from a greater force was the story of Susan Crossland who won £1.2 million in 2008. Shortly after Susan’s father died, she found a large white feather on the ground. Susan took this as a sign that her father was watching over her from the heavens. Two years later, Susan found another large white feather on the ground, and this time she took it as a sign that she should play her dad’s lucky lottery numbers. Thanks Dad!

If perfectly timed memory lapses and signs from the heavens aren’t enough to make you believe in a greater lottery force, then how about the couple who simulated and believed it so much that it actually happened! Mr and Mrs Myatt spent New Year’s Eve playing the board game ‘who wants to be a millionaire’, and after spending the entire evening simulating it, the couple actually won £1 million the very next day. Now that is a good way to start the new year!

The saying goes “don’t believe everything you read”, but thank-god Carly and Becky didn’t take such advice. After reading a horoscope that predicted that a Pisces and a Taurus would win the lottery if they teamed up together, the girls did just that, and won over £1.68 million each!

The unbelievable doesn’t end there. In 2014, Terry Vigus won £1.17 million by listening to his dreams. Many of us may dream of winning the lottery but after having a vivid dream where he could visualise his winning balls, Terry decided to follow his dream and play those exact numbers on the weekend draw – turning him into yet another lottery millionaire.

This final tale is one of close encounters and perfectly jammy timings! In 2014, James Wilson won over £51,000 on an EuroMillions ticket that had only one day left before its expiry. Found in an old wallet, the winning ticket was almost thrown away without a glance. The moral of the story here is to always check your lottery tickets online!

Lottery Winner's Infographic