£2 Stake Worth £1.3 Million, Nearly Spent on Maggots

£2 Stake Worth £1.3 Million, Nearly Spent on Maggots

Craig Brazier's £1.3m win

Father of two, Craig Brazier was preparing for his fishing trip when he made a decision that would change his life for ever.

Should I spend the £2 on a bet, or should I spend it on Maggots?

Although it might not be the normal question to go through a punter’s mind before placing a bet, for Craig, it was the question that counted.

He said:

I was going to buy more maggots but decided to do the Scoop6 and spent half an hour in the bookies studying the form… I went home and watched the racing. My wife Tracy was asleep on the settee and I started panicking after I got three out of three.

Despite his wife’s lack of interest or confidence, Craig’s bet went onto win 6 out of 6, and consequently scooped him his £1.3 million share of the £10,740,797 rollover Scoop6 jackpot!


My last horse, Chatez, runs for Alan King, my favourite-ever trainer. I couldn’t see the telly because I was running round the room riding the horse! I thought I’d have a heart attack.

Craig plans to spend his winnings on a racehorse trained by his favourite trainer – Alan King. He also wants to continue cleaning green bins as it’s a job that he loves.