50p Turned into £1 Million with 8-Horse Accumulator Bet

50p Turned into £1 Million with 8-Horse Accumulator Bet

Fred Craggs - 50p Winner

Sports fans enjoy sports betting for many reasons, from supporting their home team, to craving that adrenaline rush when the bet is in play. In 2008, for one fertiliser salesman from North Yorkshire, a simple 50p stake on an 8-horse accumulator bet managed to defy the odds of ‘2,000,000 to 1’, and made him an overnight millionaire!

Fred Craggs had just turned 60 years old when he placed his winning bet. Fred placed the occasional bet at his local bookies – William Hill in Thirsk, but he never spent more than the price of a cigarette packet on a bet. As the winning bet in particular had a stake of just 50p, Fred was even more surprised to win such a large amount of money.

Fred’s lucky bet was an 8-horse accumulator bet. He needed all 8 horses to win – horses which were aptly named ‘Isn’t That Lucky’ and ‘A Dream Come True’!

According to William Hill, Fred only realised that his bet had turned him into an instant millionaire when he went to the bookies the next day to place another bet! Moreover, Fred sat through an entire family meal at the weekend without saying a word about his colossal win!

A spokesman from William Hill, Graham Sharpe, commented on the momentous situation:

We are delighted that the wait to discover the identity of our fortunate client is now over, and that he has been in touch and arranged to receive his winning cheque – we can now put him forward for inclusion in the Guinness Book of World Records. Mr Craggs does follow form, but also uses his own instinct to make his final selections – that instinct was certainly spot-on this occasion.