Spotted Early On: Lewis Hamilton and Harry Wilson – Long Term Bets...

Spotted Early On: Lewis Hamilton and Harry Wilson – Long Term Bets Pay Off

Long Term Bets Pay Off

Betting on sports can include a number of things, including who will win, which player will score (and when and how), and many more, but the aspect that most of these sports bets have in common is that the team/action/player are already recognised for their achievement in their sport. However, this doesn’t always have to be the case, as the two following stories below will prove.


Harry Wilson’s Grandfather Had High Hopes…
Harry Wilson

There are very few grandparents who don’t dream of their grandchildren becoming great; there are few who are actually willing to put their money where their mouth is, and bet on them. But that’s exactly what 62 year old Peter Edwards did.

Peter placed a £50 bet that his grandson would one day represent his country in football, when he saw him messing around with the ball as a toddler in 2000.

Defying odds of 2,500-1, the 16 year old Welshman, Harry Wilson, took to the pitch in 2013, as not only the youngest-ever player for his country, but also as the superstar footballer that his granddad dreamed he would one day become.

Grandad Wilson’s initial bet of £50 turned into an amazing £125,000 win that night, allowing him to retire earlier than expected. Previously an Electrical Cable Engineer, Peter told his manager that if Harry played the game tomorrow, he wouldn’t be going back to work.

A William Hill spokesman said: ‘Peter has been able to quit his job as a result of his amazing ability to spot fledgling talent earlier than almost anyone else we’ve ever taken a bet from.’



Peterborough Man Bets on 13 Year Old Hamilton to win the Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton

In 1993, when he was just 13, Lewis Hamilton spent a lot of his time speeding around a track in a go-kart. What he didn’t know is that one punter from Peterborough saw his raw talent, and was willing to bet a £200 wager (at 200-1) that Hamilton would win his first F1 race before he turned 23 years old; a £100 wager (at 500-1) that he would win the Championship before his 25th birthday; and a £50 wager (at 1,500-1) that it would happen twice!

The unnamed punter from Peterborough is no £125,000 times richer! He plans to spend his winnings on a Tag Heuer watch which he will engrave with Hamilton’s signature. Also, the punter hopes to take his family away to Cuba to swim with the dolphins. He commented:

It was easy to see he had an obvious driving ability, coupled with a fantastic attitude to racing…I just had a hunch he would go on to bigger and better things and when Ladbrokes came back with an irresistible offer it was too good to pass up.