How to Play Worldwide Lotteries with Huge Jackpots

How to Play Worldwide Lotteries with Huge Jackpots


More and more UK players are turning to global lotteries online

American Lotteries – Powerball & MegaMillions

UK players have more choice than ever before when it comes to playing the lottery.

Players today have access to lotteries across the world and with massive jackpots cropping up on a weekly basis it’s little wonder that UK players are increasingly buying lottery tickets online.

With so much choice and ease of access, UK players can cherry pick from the wide range of exciting global lotteries available.

For instance, in the first part of December 2015, two American Lotteries had massive jackpot draws. The MegaMillions draw on Saturday 4th had a huge jackpot of £298 Million, whilst the Powerball draw had an impressive £84 Million jackpot. Closer to home, the EuroMillions draw for the Friday 18th December is a super cool £60 Million!

One lucky UK player, a truck driver from the Midlands, won £1.8 Million on the Polish Lottery in October of this year. This lucky winner bought his ticket online for just 60p at Lottoland. As a truck driver on the move the lucky player decided to play online as he had a smartphone and just wanted the convenience of playing via the internet.

UK Player wins the Polish Lotto
UK Player Wins Polish Lotto

UK players have access to global lotteries online.

The great news is that lottery players have never had so much choice with this increasing access to global lotteries, where playing odds can be better and jackpot prize amounts are huge. With the new changes in place, the odds of winning the UK National Lottery is now 45 million to 1!!! Online sites allow players to review the global draws and safely buy tickets online.

UK players can choose to play global lotteries, from the Austrian Lottery & American PowerBall Lotteries, Spanish El Gordo Lottery, French Lotto, Brazil’s Mega Sena through to the EuroMillions. Buying tickets through online lottery services enables players to cherry pick from the most exciting lotteries around the world.